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Basic $3.00 8,050 7 days.
Bronze $13 32,775 30 days.
SIlver $37 93,150 90 days.
Gold $75 186,300 180 days.
Platinum $141 351,900 360 days.


With a click of the mouse, you can read the Daily Monitor e-paper page after page on your desk top computer screen. It is a newspaper in electronic form. Flip the pages and enjoy the paper and have the fun that comes with relevant information


The tablet has been your tool to reach friends, family and business partners on the social media. The Monitor E-paper is now the latest addition to the functionality of this wonderful garget. The pages and pictures of your best newspaper can be got in the electronic form.

Smart Phone

The smart phone has enabled millions of people shoot and share photos, take notes, and use social media platforms among other functions. The latest addition to this amazing mobile tool is the Monitor E-paper. Read the Monitor newspaper on your platform wherever you are.